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“Open a door to the world’s wonders and awaken the curious wanderer within you.”

Designs Of The Time’s fabric collection Wilder invites you on an off-grid journey. Inspiration for these designs was drawn from every continent, producing earthy shades, natural textures and fabrics with a luxuriously organic vibe. The ideas behind this collection come from places with distinctive landscapes and striking organic surfaces. The colour palette is based on the first natural pigments used historically by humanity: yellow ochre, black and grey charcoal, blue abalone, brown umber, deep green…

These bolder shades are complemented by earthy tones of sand, soil and clay, neutral white and off-white. In addition to fabrics in solid tones, Wilder also offers a range of refined graphics.

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I ran,
far from here,
Where nature was unbound
To where the spoken word did not exist,
Nor my thoughts have meaning.
Alone, but never lonely.

Full with the world,
Filled with earth,
my soil.
As if it leads me the way.
It is the foundation under my feet of sand and clay.

Immersed in the essence of untamed wilderness, the collection encapsulates the untapped beauty found within distinctive landscapes and awe-inspiring organic surfaces. These enchanting tones evoke the warmth of sun-drenched sand, the nurturing embrace of fertile soil, and the rustic elegance of earthen clay. Complementing these natural marvels are hues of neutral white and off-white, bestowing a tranquil sophistication upon the collection.

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Download press kit.