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"Imagine the colours of the earth flaring up in a lively wildfire."

Imagine the colours of the earth flaring up in a lively wildfire. Every shade glows with an unseen luminosity. Textures become rougher and spark visions of the elements they were created from. The fire warms you – it feels comforting, but it also awakens your dauntless side. You want to capture the mystic joy of the igniting colours, to forever cherish the bustling feeling they spark within you.

This fiery dance of colours and textures forms the vision board of Fuego. Inspiration is found in South America, where the subtle tones of the earth meet the vivacious lifestyle of the indigenous people. From their vibrant dances to the rich flavours in their kitchen – South America relights your inner fire like no other place.

Fuego combines rich materials and artisanal processes with the quintessential South American colour palette.

Soft neutrals and spicy hues of red, green, blue and yellow come together in a unique array of textures for the home.

Blends of linen and sustainable hemp make for a breezy feel that is light as the wind. Rougher, more densely woven qualities resemble the raw untreated nature and spirited character these fabrics were inspired by.

And the innovative additions of pure virgin wool and luxurious velvet embody the soft hearted, untouched character of the elements.

This collection unites interior fabrics of the highest quality and in the most unique styles. Fuego is not your ordinary pick, but it’s diverse enough to find a home in every kind of lifestyle – both for minimalists and lovers of bold choices. Whatever your interior, Fuego will spark a fire in your home and in your heart.

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