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"Hunting, gathering, and bringing the gifts of nature into your home."

Invite the indigenous gifts of nature into your interior through our collection Granjeros. Inspired by the idyllic rural landscape of Mexico’s agricultural hinterland, Granjeros mixes a delightful sense of serenity with bold choices in terms of texture and colour.

With their natural look and feel, linen and wool are the primary materials used in the Granjeros collection. The fabrics, for both wide-width drapery and upholstery, are made from either pure wool or linen, or a fine linen and wool blend. The link with nature is reflected in a clear partiality for handcrafted and ecological fabrics such as organic linen and undyed eco-wool.

To Designs Of The Time, bringing touches of nature into your home is a way of returning to the essence of life and enhancing your overall well-being.

True to its identity,
Designs Of The Time does not
shy away from imperfection.

The charm of the Granjeros fabrics is expressed through their naturally weathered look, which only improves through aging – just like crops slowly growing in the open fields.

After all, it is through naturally imperfect shapes and shades that we can truly reconnect with the earth and feel grounded again.

The Granjeros palette of colours features neutral shades that are reminiscent of soil, sand, coffee, wheat and corn. These are combined with bolder colours, inspired by the diversity of crops harvested on our various continents: avocado, tomato, mustard, lime, orange, pepper and many more.

Whether smooth or rugged, muted or vivid, a versatile basic or intended to make a distinctive statement. Every interior, no matter where in the world, will find a perfect match in this collection.

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